Best Free Applications for Seniors (Android and iOS)

The present-day high-tech marketplace is mainly oriented towards kids, teenagers, and younger adults. Still, you can find enough apps which can be used by people of all ages & might even help seniors enhance their lifestyle.  Today, senior citizens have all sorts of gadgets. They understand the best way to use them, as well as apply the newly developed technology in daily life. Get a 2019 medicare advantage plan quote at

Below, you can find our list for the top 4 Free Apps for Seniors:

  1. WebMD app

No application can ever substitute the service provided by an experienced doctor. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for quick information in regards to any specific medical issue, WebMD can be an ideal application for you.  It lets users ask questions as well as offers relevant blog posts written by experts to answer their queries. Besides, it also packs a number of other features, for instance, Pill Identifier Tool, Symptom Checker, Localized Health Listing, etc.

  1. Mint

Mint application easily allows you to manage your finances. You could use this application to link the bank accounts, credit/debit cards, bills to easily set-up your budget, track your daily spending, review your investments, pay various bills, etc. Besides, the application scans through numerous offers to suggest different ways for helping you save some cash taking into account your lifestyle & goals.

  1. Kindle

The application makes reading a breeze in addition to making sure you stay updated with the current happenings by putting plenty of periodicals & books at your finger-tips. The app also lets the user customize their reading style by changing font background, size, color shades, etc. as per their preference.

  1. Lumosity

This application is a collaboration of scientists & game developers. It features various cognitive games which are intended to enhance your memory, concentration as well as the ability to solve problems. The application requires the user to take an initial test in order to check their baseline performance after which you’re able to get started with day to day challenges. While completing your brain exercises each day, the application will provide you info in regards to your performance each day.

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