Brain Activities for Seniors

  1. Play games

Playing game is one of the easiest ways to ensure sharp brain at an older age. Whether you would like to practice your latest chess moves or compete with your grand-children at Old Maid, understanding the various techniques used in games can be a powerful workout for your brain. What’s more, games also help you keep in touch with friends and family members, as most games are available in person as well as online. Games also help you stay mentally active enhancing your quality of life & self-esteem. Get a 2019 advantage plan at

  1. Try new stuff

Irrespective of our accomplishments in life, you can always find stuff which you are yet to try out. When you try something out for the very first time, it offers your brain new sensory experiences.

  1. Face fears stuck deep inside you

In case you’re really scared of a particular thing, encourage yourself to face that fear. For instance, if you are really afraid of swimming, join a swimming class for the elderly. This will not only rewire your brain cells but also help you increase your confidence levels.

  1. Reminisce

Reminiscing tends to have a huge impact on your brain. Not only does it help you find inner peace as well as happiness, but also keeps your brain’s neurons functioning correctly by maintaining memory pathways.

  1. Book reading

Reading your favorite book is a highly recommended activity for your brain since it allows seniors to utilize various brain functions, which includes imagination, creativity, coordination between your eyes and brain, memory, etc. Books also help you stay open-minded by reframing how you see yourself and other people around you.

About Medicare Coverage for Seniors:

As you might already know, Medicare is a healthcare program run by the Federal government that covers 80 percent of the costs on Medicare-approved services. However, for seniors who would like to cover the remaining 20 percent costs on these services, Medicare supplement plans can really prove beneficial. These include deductibles, co-payments and co-insurance on Medicare-approved services.

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