Importance of Hiking for Senior Citizens

Hiking is among those activities which most enjoy including seniors. But do you know that this activity in addition to being enjoyable can offer plenty of health benefits as well?  Below are some reasons why senior citizens need to take up hiking as one of their exercise routines.

  1. Convenience

A gym membership requires you to attend the exercise session at a specific time & follow the exercises provided for the given set of time. On contrary, seniors can go hiking whenever they want. Also, the activity offers complete independence as it lets you pick the length of your journey along with the intensity as per your liking. Thus, hiking could be as difficult or as easy as you wish since there’s no fitness instructor pushing you to increase your levels of intensity.

  1. Hiking can help tone your body

Walking can tone your legs and buttocks. Nevertheless, picking locations that have obstacles or inclines which need to be climbed over can offer a better exercise. In addition, hiking is unlikely to cause any strain to weight-bearing joints, as opposed to other forms of workouts. To make the activity further enjoyable, you can even carry a bag which contains fluids, snacks, navigational gear, & possibly a camera.  An activity like hiking could further assist elderly maintain proper weight since even 60 minutes of trekking might help you burn over 500 calories.

  1. Encourages the health of your heart

Hiking makes your heart pump blood at a faster rate offering much-required oxygen along with essential nutrients to spread through different tissues, cells, & organs in your body. With regular hiking, it is also possible to reduce the blood pressure in your body by four to ten points while minimizing the odds of diabetes and cardio disease. Studies have also shown that hiking can help boost the level of antioxidants in your body. Antioxidants are required to prevent different diseases in your body, which also includes cancer.

  1. Better mood

Hiking can allow elderly citizens to relish nature by setting aside problems which may create a negative feeling in their mind. It can encourage the production of essential hormones mainly endorphin & adrenaline. Both these hormones play a key role in enhancing your mood, encourage the flow of positive energy & also minimize signs of depression and anger.

About Medigap coverage:

United Healthcare Medicare advantage plans are basically aimed towards seniors who already have Medicare coverage. The coverage can reduce out of pocket costs not included under Basic Medicare. For more info, you can consult with your nearest insurance provider.

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